What Leaders Learn

One would be hard pressed to find better leadership and management training anywhere in the world as proven, time-tested, and effective as Ken Blanchard’s. Many of the world’s strongest companies and leadership teams have been built on it.

When you choose CD2 Leadership, you are leveraging the best leadership and management training content from the past 35 years. Other learning systems tend to offer dozens of online management training courses. These courses turn out to be expensive, have limited scalability and unproven content.

CD2 Leadership takes a different approach; we focus on quality — not quantity. We have selected the most impactful lessons from the top, most respected leadership gurus at all time.

CD2 Leadership is about accessibility and affordability and the impact is proven.

Situational Leadership® II

SLII® is a strategic and effective method for managing and developing people. SLII® will teach you a leadership language to help you increase the quality and quantity of conversations, accelerate development, increase effectiveness and performance, and build autonomy and self-reliance in your people. Becoming a Situational Leader—a Best Boss—allows you to partner with those you lead, giving them what they need to succeed on their goals.


Temperament describes the part of your personality that is mindful of emotional outlooks and responses. Learning about temperaments will help you to better understand yourself and others by identifying those emotions, attitudes, and priorities that shape decisions and behaviors. Each of us has a dominant temperament—behaviors you feel most comfortable with and are the most natural to you. We also have a shadow temperament—the one that least describes you and is difficult for you to identify with.

Professional Foundations

Becoming clear about what is important to you and finding ways to align with these choices vastly increases your quality of life. This understanding will help you get your needs met and get clarity about your decision-making standards. Building relationships and communication skills with others is another important life skill and greatly impacts your success in the workplace.