Talent Retention

Turnover is a costly event for any company, and the residual effect impacts morale. One of the most effective retention strategies in any organization are development opportunities that are rich and practical and real.

Deploying CD2 Leadership will send a strong message to your best employees that you value their personal growth and professional development.

For the Y generation and younger (age 35 and under), development opportunities and formal training are as important a currency as money.

Develop Skills

Learners develop both professional and personal skills throughout the curriculum and put these to work using interactive simulations, exercises and tools. They will understand their career path by examining the following points:

  • How can your personality work for you in your career?
  • How can you use this knowledge to hire and build a strong team?
  • Chart your own career path by identifying where you are today and where you want to be long-term

Know Your Bench Strength

Executives can also leverage the reporting power of CD2 Leadership. Using an integrated report and charting solutions, they now have the opportunity to assess, first hand, a potential next wave of management talent.