Our deepest satisfaction and joy comes when companies learn how to lead themselves. As your workforce works through the CD2 Leadership curriculum you will see things start to happen: People will adopt the common language and change the way they talk, using the language of leadership in their own conversations. When this happens, the company will continue to grow as its leaders grow.

In order to facilitate sustainability, we have built a process of learning that gives participants the best chance at building what they are learning into their day-to-day operations. Using our process, learning can come to life in your own company.

Blended Delivery

Online Lesson Delivery

We offer a blended learning approach that allows participants to learn in small increments by combining interactive, self-paced eLearning lessons that build on each other with live debrief sessions that facilitate learning conversations and encourage collaborative learning, impactful application, and greater retention.

Debrief Sessions

After everyone has had a chance to work through a set of lessons, groups are brought together for a debrief session. These sessions are designed to bring out discussion topics and allow others to provide feedback on how their learning has impacted their job. This generates excitement and encourages the group to continue.

Continued Tool and Application Usage

After the initial learning phase, participants have access to a unique set of tools to help manage their leadership role. Among the available tools are the one-on-one system to assist in communication with managers and the Impact Map, to help each participant align their job role and tasks with the greater company mission and vision.

Flexible Learning

Using our simple three step process gives companies a shared process, language and model for building leadership. It teaches leaders to do more than just respond to predictable situations through memorized skill application. We teach leaders to analyze, diagnose, think, and apply leadership concepts effectively in any situation.