Discover the Power Behind Your Data

It is important to have tracking that is as robust as your lessons. The CD2 Learning platform tracks every user data point and combines that with a powerful reporting engine to give you insights into how your lessons are used. This goes beyond standard assessment reports and adds a whole new level of value to your lessons.

The architecture of the system is designed so that every piece of content in a lesson can be aligned to your learning objectives and outcomes. Every click matters and we go beyond just a measuring of general understanding of the content. We map learning objectives to pages and content and assess knowledge and mastery of these through assessment questions and innovator simulations. We provide group reports, individual reports, assessment reports, and simulation path reports.


Manage all of your certification programs and track progress for every level in your organization. Administrators can define certification requirements, which can consist of online courses, instructor-led training, or outside business requirements. Users earn certifications as they meet your certification requirements.

Report on Outcomes and Soft Skills

Using our innovative system, you can tie learning outcomes with assessment questions. This gives you the ability to see a full report of each user's knowledge of your outcomes. This data can be used to show mastery of objectives and give instructors information on how to better target areas of review for an in-person class.

You can combine this powerful system with Innovator simulations that can assess soft skills and provide feedback for users. These simulations are much more effective than administering a multiple choice test to score soft skills and are effective at targeting user knowledge.

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