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Our purpose at CD2 Learning is to help our clients grow their businesses in ways never thought possible. We care as much about the effectiveness of your training, the performance of your people and how that relates to your business outcomes as you do. See the table below to view a list of some of the features that have been organically built into the CD2 Learning architecture.

White Labeling and Branding Learn More
Single Integrated Codebase
Administrative Components
Administrative Reporting Learn More
Course Authoring
Defined User Roles
Secure and Scalable SaaS Learn More
Content Library with Integrated Version Control
Course Development Features
Blended Learning
Collaboration Management
Assessment Engine
Self Paced
Track Every Click and Interaction Learn More
Lesson Remixing Learn More
Learning Features
Live Class Management
Full Certification Management
Device Neutral Approach
Custom Personal Learning Path Learn More
Innovator Object Oriented Interaction Engine Learn More
Additional Content
Additional Leadership Content Available Learn More
Day to Day Performance Tools Learn More

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