Dynamic Lesson Remixing

Customization is No Longer Expensive

When your content drives delivery, you are given the flexibility to reuse that content across multiple pages in multiple lessons. With a powerful database handling the content, you can update your text once and rest assured that copy is now correct for every lesson where that content is used. This is the true power of a scalable cloud solution.

Using our template system, the same lessons can be remixed without affecting lesson content. This gives you enormous flexibility to customize your lesson delivery for the needs of each one of your enterprise clients.

Developing multi-lingual lessons commonly means managing a duplicate set of assets and project files in a third-party authoring platform, further fragmenting your content library. Using the CD2 Platform to manage multiple languages is a breeze. Because content drives delivery, that same content can be managed in multiple languages.

Conditional Pages

Tailor your lessons for optimum results. Conditional pages (patent pending) allow you to define rules for presenting lessons to users based on user role, group, organization or more. For example, an instructor creates a single lesson regarding a new company product. Using Conditional Page rules, the sales department can be given the lesson pages that provide an overview of the product while the customer service department can view more pages that provide in depth information about the product. It is still one lesson, but the display of information is tailored to each group's specific needs. Conditional rules can also be defined to present pages in different page template layouts, icons, and content.

Use Conditional pages to deliver content to match your audience.

  • Limit accessibility to pages
  • Manage only one piece of content rather than multiple copies
  • Create single "one-off" versions of pages for customization
  • Add customer-specific content without destroying the integrity of the existing content and lesson

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