Learning That Lasts

Companies are full of people who can manage but most companies are desperate for more people who can lead. You want people who can engage and inspire others to drive results that exceed expectations. This kind of pervasive change requires intervention, tailored and delivered to gain attention, change behavior, and meet the diverse needs of a dispersed workforce.

Online Training

Research confirms that learning retention is tied directly to how much knowledge is shared in a given period of time — that learning happens best when it is a process.

Traditionally, onsite leadership development training is conducted over a few days by outside professionals. Much of what was learned tends to be quickly forgotten in a number of days or weeks.

Real learning and Behavior Change

Real learning and real, noticeable behavior change takes time. We understand and have created a system to deliver leadership training with maximum impact.

Everyone on your team learns differently and at a different pace. CD2 Leadership provides a learning ecosystem that recognizes and engages each learning style and pace.

In order for learning to truly last there must be a systematic approach, this proven pedagogy has been built into the CD2 Leadership solution.

  1. Set the Context: When the context is set correctly and learners know why they are investing valuable time, and what to expect we can see upwards of 80% and more that will do something different as a result of what they have learned.
  2. Learn the Content: You will never see more than three new ideas presented in any lesson. Learners need the ability to learn content in chunks so that it can be applied.
  3. Practice in a Safe Environment: This is critical and cannot be skipped. CD2 Leadership has built the ability to practice new concepts both into the system itself and into our process of bringing groups back together periodically for debriefs in a blended solution.
  4. Apply to the Job: Anything learned must be applied to the results expected on any job. We have built in multiple tools right alongside of the learning for users to see a direct application with what they are learning to their job.