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Talent Management Toolkit

Talent Management to Develop Leaders

It has been proven that leadership development has a direct impact on the engagement of your team. This cannot happen without giving your team the tools to bring this development to life.

Use the talent management toolkit to give users the ability to set up meetings with managers, facilitating a common communication platform. Additionally, users can map their learning and knowledge to see where they are making a difference and having an impact.


Impact Map: The Impact Map is a tool that connects an individual’s goals to business results and clarifies the organization’s goals and strategies for stakeholders.

Goals: The goal tool is used to identify a desired outcome and answers specific questions about measurements of success, how and why a goal should be pursued, and when it needs to be done. Goals can be linked to an Impact Map to view how they fall in line with the organization’s goals.

Tasks: The Task tool provides individuals an opportunity to document action steps to accomplish a goal within a time frame.

Diagnosis: The Diagnosis tool is used to assess an individual’s level of competence and level of commitment on a specific goals or task. This process helps identify the matching leadership style they will need to successfully achieve the goal or task.

One on One: The One on One tool is used by a direct report to schedule a meeting with a manager or anyone with a key stake in their development. The direct report creates an agenda focused on his or her development needs.

Partnering: The Partnering tool is used by a manager to initiate a conversation to collaboratively set and align goals, development levels, and matching leadership styles the individual contributor needs in order to achieve the goals.

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