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Leadership Content

A New Model for the High-Performing Companies of the Future

CD2 Leadership is a cloud component within the CD2 Learning family and showcases how sustainable leadership development can be realized through the CD2 technology system and tools.

Agile, Enterprise Software

Using the CD2 Learning system to combine leadership training and leadership tools, we have transformed the way soft skills are taught and measured. These lessons can be remixed and deployed to your workforce so that your users can begin to share leadership values and apply leadership behavior day-to-day.

Measurable Growth

A CD2 Leadership client has seen measured growth in the participants who have been able to create a leadership culture and a shared leadership language. Through the online training system, they have daily access to the content and a toolkit to help sustain behavior change within their culture and organization.

The CD2 platform enabled key content to be accessible in a way that was not available or affordable before. This level of access has improved the day-to-day leadership behaviors that impact their customers.

About Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard is one of the most influential leadership and management experts in the world. He has transformed the way Fortune 500 companies train and develop leaders through a method called Situational Leadership® II (SLII). CD2 Learning has implemented this content in a way that is scalable, agile and produces measured growth in learners.

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