2014 Stevies


Create Real-World Simulations and Assessments

Welcome our patent pending, next generation of online learning and performance, where you can concentrate on building the best interactions using an object-oriented, trackable design engine. This adds a dynamic element to your content, even on mobile platforms. Innovator is fully self-contained within our system, eliminating the need for third party content building tools.

HTML5 and Mobile Device Friendly

Innovator has been designed to take advantage of the latest web technologies in HTML5. Build user defined scenarios, activities, simulations, and games that are compatible with mobile devices. This makes it easy to deploy without any additional effort or a separate build of the same interaction.

Revolutionary Tracking

We built Innovator into the system to give you the ability to track every click or touch, giving you more in-depth data collection than third party tools. Using a path-matching algorithm, Innovator scores and logs the user’s path through the interaction for tracking and reporting.

Full Media Support

Objects can be created from all media formats - images, audio and video. Using mobile device friendly video formats ensures that the interaction will automatically work across all devices.

Visual Drag and Drop Interface

Innovator features a unique drag and drop interface where you visually construct interactions without having to write any code. Using our large library of templates, it is easy to add your media to quickly create new interactions.

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