Our approach to client implementation ensures desired results are aligned and clearly understood between the company’s leadership and direct reports. The overall process is treated as an experience rather than an event through which participants are equipped to directly apply their learning long term. There are no added charges or fees for implementation of CD2 Leadership.

Set up for Success

  1. Craft the organizational learning strategy
  2. Set the expectation for involvement
  3. Create the learning plan. This provides your workforce with what they need when they need it


  1. Launch the program to set the tone for learner engagement and create excitement
  2. Participants begin their online learning with the first few lessons
  3. The design allows learning to connect ideas to real life situations and relationships

Blended Learning and Application

  1. Learners come together to debrief. This gives them an opportunity to interact with peers to discuss learnings, talk about application, and share success stories
  2. Additional lessons and debriefs help participants strengthen key relationships, facilitate a more effective partnership, and work on career development
  3. Learners continue to utilize system tools to connect what was learned on the job and create sustained learning