Give Your Learners Incentive

The goal of CD2 gamification is to increase engagement thru competition, collaboration and interaction while building communities. Users earn badges as they navigate through their learning experience. The system is designed to be completely configurable, allowing our customers to leverage over 20 unique data points to customize their own rewards/point system for tracking, encouraging and reinforcing engagement.

Badging Examples

Badge rewards take advantage of prestige points. A few examples of these badges:

  • Journal Entries
  • Tool Usage
  • Adding a Bookmark
  • Completing a Lesson
  • Taking a Poll

Peer-to-Peer Ratings

Adding to the prestige points, users will have the ability to rate and collaborate with their peers. Users will be able to earn points based upon collaboration ratings and content ratings that are assigned by individuals who view and rate the training content. These data points can be used to assign additional badges or as part of an additional reporting structure.

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