Our vision to is make the best leadership training content available to all managers in your organization at a cost that is affordable—you don’t have to limit the training to a select few. We provide our solution at a cost that works within most training budgets. We keep our pricing simple.

  • Manager Curriculum - $249 per manager, per year
  • Individual Contributor Curriculum - $149 per user, per year

When you purchase the CD2 Leadership system, our team will work with you to understand your key needs and the outcomes you want to measure at no charge. There is also no implementation fee. We will work with you to create a custom Impact Map in order to measure the actions being taken and the impact each person has on the team’s goals as well as the overall organizational goals. We will work with your team and individuals to allow your organization to administer, conduct debrief sessions and everything else needed to make sure that your team is successful.

Please contact us for additional pricing regarding scale or special circumstances.

Course Manager Individual Contributor
Intro to Temperaments
Self Leadership & Diagnosis
Needs and Values
Relating to Temperaments
Diagnosing Others
Matching Your Leadership Style
Interpersonal Communication
One on One Conversations
Partnering for Performance
Listening for Results
Temperaments and Careers
Understanding Career Development