Collaborative Process Map

Coach Your Team

Keep your team or career on track using our patent pending Collaborative Process Map (CPM). This tool allows you to map business processes, workflows, career paths, and more. Basically any task or interaction that requires a group or list of tasks to be completed can be easily turned into a CPM.

Being collaborative means that two or more people can interact, coach, or track progress as the task is accomplished. This allows several users going through the process to see how another user completed a step in the process map, ask questions, provide feedback or share ideas regarding execution of a step in the process, or gives an instructor the ability to provide feedback during the execution of the process.

The status of a user can be dynamically updated as tasks are completed or advanced by the manager of the CPM. For example, an instructor may review a work product associated with a step in the process, and grant approval of the work product to advance the user to the next step. The collaborative process map tool may also set up automatic approvals for moving to a next step in a process, such as taking a test and meeting a threshold score. The process map steps may include taking courses, viewing lessons, completing an interaction such as a simulation, obtaining an external degree program, interacting with other members of an organization, completing an internal certification program, etc. The collaborative process map tool may generate the maps from templates.

The use of a CPM allows an organization to scale, collaborate, and report on any business process. These processes could include:

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Establishing career development paths for employee succession
  • Sales process training with mentoring support

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