Leverage online Communities for Success

Create communities and give users the power to discuss learning with classmates and instructors. Instructors can manage collaboration and generate new discussions to keep users engaged. This allows greater interaction and adds to the value of the learning.

People learn best when they have an opportunity to connect and discuss. Using the CD2 Learning discussion feature, you can give users a way to collaborate and develop a sense of community within the context of their lessons or through their class.


With a changing workforce, it is important to provide learners with a sense of community. Collaboration and discussion components can add that community to your globally dispersed workforce. When utilizing the discussions in lessons, your learners will add value to those lessons automatically when they post responses to questions.

The CD2 Learning collaboration tools provide you with a secure place to manage conversations. Because you are in charge of the data, collaboration can happen without worrying about a discussion being exposed to a larger social network.

Events & Triggers

Set up automatic communications or other actions to keep your users engaged. We provide an easy to use, reliable way to generate automatic communications with your users. Send emails, generate certificates, and complete other actions automatically by establishing rules for these actions. Our system reduces the administrative workload for your training leaders while keeping your users informed and engaged. Choose from numerous, personalized notifications such as:

  • Lesson, Course, or Certification completion
  • Login reminders
  • Requests to complete survey
  • System notifications

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